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Merger Information


Dates to Know:

May – Replacement debit cards mailed

In May, members will receive new Embers debit cards to replace the UMCCU debit cards. Cards will be mailed to your address on file as of April 30. Activate your new Embers debit card immediately upon arrival and begin using it on June 3. UMCCU debit cards will be active through June 3.

June 1 – Branches closed as we convert to Embers 
Both UMCCU branches will be closed. We will reopen on Monday, June 3, 2019 as Embers Credit Union.


June 3 – Welcome to Embers! 
Visit our branches and begin using all Embers Credit Union services, including ATMs, debit cards, and online banking. To access digital and online services, you must register your account. Please make sure that your phone number is current before registering.

Need help? Email us or give us a call!

Welcome Letter

Loan FAQ's

Merger FAQ's

Fee Schedule

Privacy Policy

Terms and Conditions of your Account

About your loan

Q: Are the terms of my loan changing?
A: No. The terms and conditions of your loan will remain the same.

Q: How do I make loan payments?
A: Continue to make payments the same way you do now-by mail, online, or at any Embers Credit Union location.

Q: Will my loan payments via payroll change:
A: You will see no change. Your loan payments will continue to be taken out as scheduled until your loan is paid in full.

Q: Will there be any changes to my credit card?
A: For now, keep using your credit card as you always have. You may use your UMCCU credit card until June 27.  More information regarding your credit card will be coming in the next few weeks.

Important things to know

Q: Now that UMCCU is a part of Embers Credit Union, what does this mean for me?  
A: You’ll still work with the same people in the same locations, with the same commitment to excellent service. But now you’ll have access to more locations, more ATMs, more resources, and a wider range of products and services for both you and your business.

Q: Will my account numbers change?
A: Your account number will stay the same. 

Q: Will I receive a NEW debit/ATM card and PIN?

A: Yes. In mid-May, you’ll receive a new Embers debit/ATM card. Please activate it as soon as it arrives and begin using it on June 3. UMCCU debit/ATM cards will remain active through June 3.

Q: Can I use the checks I currently have?
A: You bet! Use the checks you have until they run out. You can even use your current checks after we merge with Embers Credit Union. 

Q: Will the routing number change?

A: We will continue to process the UMCCU routing number, but you can begin using the new Embers Credit Union routing number, 291172844, as of June 1. 

Q: What will happen to my automatic transactions?
A: Most automatic transactions (debits and credits) will be converted automatically. If you receive a government payment, including Social Security, we will do our best to make sure it converts automatically. 

Q: Will I need to sign new signature cards and account agreements?
A: Signature cards and account agreements will be transferred from UMCCU to Embers Credit Union. You are not required to sign new agreements. 

Q: Can I sign up for online services?
A: Yes! After June 2 visit www.embers.org to register. Please have your account number handy and make sure your phone number is current before you register.

Q: Will you add any new fees or will I have to pay more because of the merger?
A: Because we’re committed to offering our members the best of both credit unions, Embers will generally offer the lower fees of our two credit unions. Please review the new fee schedule included in this booklet.  

Q: What will happen to the staff  at the Munising and Trenary Branches?
A: Not only will all staff  keep their jobs, they’ll have greater long-term security and more opportunities for advancement.  

Welcome Letter to Embers Credit Union! 

We’re thrilled that the members of Upper Michigan Community Credit Union (UMCCU) overwhelmingly voted on August 20, 2018, to merge with Embers Credit Union. We believe we’ll be stronger together than apart. Thank you for trusting us to serve your financial needs.

On June 1, 2019, your accounts will be transferred to Embers Credit Union. Between now and then, we will work diligently to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible. Once you become an Embers Credit Union member on June 2, you’ll continue to receive the same terrific products and services, low fees, great rates, and friendly service you’ve come to expect.

Please note that both UMCCU offices will be closed on Saturday, June 1 to complete the account conversion process. The offices will reopen as Embers Credit Union on Monday, June 3rd.

For more information about Embers Credit Union, we invite you to email or call us at 906-228-7080 if you have any questions.

Tom Blake, President/CEO



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